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AMSEC American Security AM3020E5 Home & Office Safe

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AMSEC AM3020E5 Fire & Burglary Home Safe

Are you tired of constantly worrying about the security of your cherished belongings? If you seek the assurance that your valuables are protected without a hint of doubt, your answer is a resounding "yes." Look no further, as the AMSEC AM3020E5 security safe is the ideal solution you've been searching for!

This cutting-edge security safe goes beyond being just equipment; it stands as a pinnacle of security crafted with unwavering dedication to quality. Constructed from top-notch materials and precision engineering, it offers a range of features designed to deliver unmatched protection and peace of mind. Boasting an impenetrable 12-gauge solid steel shell, an imposing 1-1/8" recessed door, and a formidable trio of 1-1/4" bolts arranged in a three-way configuration, the AMSEC AM3020E5 sets the standard for security.

But security is not the sole defining feature of the AMSEC AM3020E5. It's also a style statement. Adorned in a deep blue textured finish and proudly displaying the raised American Security logo on its door, it seamlessly combines form with function, making it the perfect addition to any home.

When it comes to locking options, the AMSEC AM3020E5 caters to your preferences. It comes standard with the ESL5 electronic lock featuring an illuminated keypad for easy use, even in low light conditions. However, if you prefer a dial combination lock, the option to upgrade to your preferred choice is easily accessible.

Now, the question arises: What are you waiting for? The time to act is now. Safeguard your valuable assets, alleviate your worries, and experience the unparalleled sense of security that the AMSEC AM3020E5 offers. Incorporate it into your life and your home, and rest easy knowing your treasured belongings are shielded by the very best in security and style. Order your AMSEC AM3020E5 today and invest in peace of mind that will last a lifetime!



Amsec AM3020E5 Features

  • High-Strength Solid Steel Body:The unitized 12-gauge solid steel body offers robust strength and durability, enhancing protection against potential break-ins.
  • 45-Minute Fire Protection: Designed to withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes, maintaining an interior temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit to shield your valuables from fire damage.
  • Customizable Interior: Three adjustable shelves enable you to tailor the safe's interior to suit your specific storage requirements.
  • ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated Keypad:The electronic lock, complete with an illuminated keypad, ensures user-friendly operation, even in low light conditions, and provides an additional layer of security against tampering.
  • Smooth Opening and Closing:Adjustable ball bearing hinges facilitate smooth and effortless opening and closing of the safe door.
  • Palusol Seal for Fire Protection: The Palusol seal expands when exposed to heat, creating a tighter seal around the door frame and offering enhanced protection against fire.

Amsec AM3020E5 Specs

Your Satisfaction with Amsec Safes is Guaranteed:

  • One-year warranty covering parts and labor.
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax in the U.S.

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