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Latitude Outdoors The Method 2 XL Starter Kit

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Method 2 XL Saddle Kit

The Method 2 saddle kit contains everything needed to get started saddle hunting and is ready to hunt out of the package. Included with the saddle are a set of removable leg straps, your choice between our Ultralight 10mm or VAPOR LINE 8mm ropes, and one Method Dump Pouch. You can further enhance your mobile system by optionally adding a Speed Series Platform and/or one additional accessory at a discount.

The first saddle with metal-free construction, we replaced the traditional waist belt with our Patent Pending rope belt design. Built from Oplux and using a load-rated adjustable climbing knot, our rope belt is superior to any standard buckle-based saddle design on the market. Reduced weight, deadly silence, infinite adjustment, and an improvement in comfort while hiking are all immediately apparent the first time using a Method saddle. Quit worrying about a metal buckle making unwanted noise or if the waist belt on a saddle will fit your waist size. Stop allowing your waist belt to slowly work itself loose while hiking, ultimately causing your saddle to slide down from the weight of your dump pouches. Our rope belt tightens into place and does not budge.

Method 2 Saddle XL Features

  • Two Panel Flexibility – Our patent-pending design provides a streamline profile with the most customizable and supportive comfort system available. The Method saddle has the smallest profile on the market while hiking, at a minuscule 9 inches you will hardly even notice it’s there. However, infinite adjustability once in the tree makes for extreme comfort in any position.
  • Dynamic Weight Distribution – The Method saddle allows you to optimize support where your body type needs it most by manipulating how weight is distributed between the top and bottom panels along with their location. Our circular bridge loops work in unison with the adjustable bridge to allow for quick on-the-fly adjustments but will stay put once adjusted. The results are less fidgeting, enhanced lower back support, and elimination of the all-too-common hip pinch dilemma.
  • Quick Connect Panel System – To experience the full benefits of a two-panel saddle, it must operate in a compact fashion while on the ground but then seamlessly deploy once at height…enter our patent-pending Quick Connect system. By leveraging strategically located rare earth magnets, the lower panel of the Method saddle can be both deployed and reattached with eyes closed in less than a second…yes you read that correctly. No fiddling with clips or adjustment straps at the end of the night, simply raise your lower panel towards your waistline, and it will quietly “jump” into its proper location, firmly affixed to your top panel. And don’t worry about durability, not only have we subjected this system to hundreds of hours of field testing, but we’ve also coated our magnets with the same epoxy used inside industrial-grade windmills. This ensures they will retain their strength and remain weather and waterproof for 10+ years. A lot of fancy words to say, “it just works.”
Latitude Method 2

Method 2 Saddle XL Specs

  • Saddle Weight - 30 oz
  • Leg Strap Weight - 3 oz
  • Weight Rating - 300 lbs
  • Free Floating Belt
  • Fade Loops
  • Contoured Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS)
  • Removable Leg Straps
  • Adjustable Bridge
  • Optional Two-Panel Straps

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